Cyberpunk In The Room WRUP

The weekend is upon us. Let us discuss the shiny Cyberpunk laser elephant in the room a bit.

Well, we all either have it or want it, Cyberpunk 2077 is out there in the world and like it or not, it's got issues. I mentioned in past WRUPs that I feel there should have been even more of a delay to work out the lasting bugs we're seeing now. The devs themselves have mentioned the irony of making an anti-corporate game while trying to meet a tight corporate deadline.

I'm happy to be playing CP currently on PC and I've seen very few bugs really. The ones I've encountered aren't game breaking though they can be a bit of a shot to the immersion. Like in this screenshot, I called Rogue at one point to tell her something or other and when I hung up, blam there she was posed like she's at the Afterlife in the booth but, instead she's sitting by this light post in the rain.

Comfy, Rogue?

It's a little silly but not a big deal. There are, however, some serious issues with the console version of CP and so much so, in fact, that Sony has pulled the game from the store. Refunds were quickly offered by CD Projekt Red, but they don't seem to be too easy to get. The service requires one to try to contact and obtain a refund though Sony or whichever store front you purchased from first and then if that's not successful, to send CDP Red a detailed email and they will help however they can. In our own Twinstiq family there a at least a couple of those emails going out. We shall see the end results soon, I think.

On PC, AMD hardware seems to have a bit of a disadvantage due to some sub code keeping the game from fully utilizing core counts. There's also an issue with RAM allocation on some machines that seems to be left over from console programming. These are issues that will be patched out soon, but until then there are manual fixes you can perform yourself as long as you're confident enough to do so. Make sure you make backup copies of the original files if you plan on performing these edits. I'll drop a couple links in that explain what to do.

Here's a fix for the RAM problem from Guru3D

Here are instructions for Ryzen CPU fixing via PC Gamer

On a separate note: Congrats to all of you out there who have managed to score a new GPU. Yoda0VGS has got himself a nice new 3060ti installed. I have an order in for a 6800 XT ,finally, that should be arriving in January should things go as planned. And Twinstiq friend, Nurkolai, managed to somehow beat the bots into a Newegg purchase of a 3070 / PSU bundle and is now blazing through the frames. Keep it up if you're still on the hunt, GPU's are out there as long as your kung fu is strong and your reflexes quick. Same goes for console purchases. Dr. S, got his PS5 just a day or so ago now. Stay strong everyone.

On a separate, separate note: As of the 17th of December the EPIC Game Store started giving out a free game every 24 hours for the next fifteen days (that's until the 31st). Your first one will still come with a $10.00 coupon, so if you're not signed up there, now's a good time to finally make that account.

I'll give you two guesses as to what we're likely playing this weekend

Greywolfe: magic! and earthlock! i think i'm in the last quarter of earthlock now. my guys are all level 16/20 and it just introduced the very last party member [who's at level 10. which is very frustrating. but oh well.] - all that really remains is the endgame, i think.

AJ: Well Cyberpunk cybersucks (on consoles, anyway) so I’ll just go back to Star Wars. Specifically, Squadrons and Jedi - Fallen Order. I’ve been playing a lot of those recently. I had almost forgotten how surprisingly awesome Fallen Order was.

Yoda: If you told me 6 months ago that a Fantasy Book series would pull my attention away From Cyberpunk and a brand new GPU, well actually it's 2020. Hell did have Pigs flying through its frozen landscape this year lolAnyway I'll mostly be reading through the last Couple Thousand pages of Malazan this weekend. Maybe play some Elite at the same time cuz there's plenty I can passively do whole reading :P

Scroo: Cyberpunk 2077 for me. I'm still flailing around in Ac Valhalla and Deep Rock Galactic as well.

Tru: Probably nothing. The life of a teacher is never done. The semester ended on Friday but grades are due Monday at 8 am and I have a ton of work to grade. I would be playing Cyberpunk but it's such a mess (even on the ps5) I've contacted CD Project Red for a refund. Of course to support them I will use that money to get it on PC, but still...Odds are, no gaming this weekend for this teacher.


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