Coffee WRUP

Well it's fairly early in the morning here on this Saturday and I don't feel like I slept very well last night. Good thing I make a damn good cup of coffee. 'Cos you know, coffee Wrup or whatever...

What's everyone playing this weekend?

Andrew: Wild Guns Reloaded and/or Final Fantasy XII HD and probably Breath of the Wild.

Yoda: Picked up DMC on the Humble Bundle and Im gnna play until I got my skill wall then do the same thing with Galak-Z :P

Greywolfe: final fantasy v four job fiesta. got my water crystal job [time mage] so i'm presently grinding out the levels for that [and sort of picking up blue mage spells in the interim] - and that's what i'm probably going to do for most of the weekend, since i have to house sit. hopefully i'm back on time to do the podcast. ~i'm going to /try/ and download dream daddy [because it's the only game in 2017 i'm going to pay full price for, except rakuen] but the teeny tiny laptop i have probably isn't going to make it go.~ game got delayed. hope the devs rest up and don't force themselves through more crunch.

Scrooloose: More Vermintide and The Surge new game plus for me. I'm also still kicking around in Galak-Z and having fun with the old school feel of Strafe. And speaking of the Surge - I'm hoping to have a couple more videos on the LP channel uploaded soon. I've been trying to do the hard mode boss fights for special gear.