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Oh, Hello. I didn't see you there. I was just going to write another WRUP. Won't you join me?

Cyberpunk 2077 is out and in the world for all to enjoy and I, for one, am liking it so far. Yeah it runs like shit on a shingle with my old GPU (we all know how it is trying to get a new one) and it's got some weird bugs to work out, but I'm enjoying my time in Night City so far. CDP Red is doling out fixes as issues arise and hopefully things will continue to get better and better. That said though, wouldn't it have just been the right thing to take another few months, maybe a year, to get it all dialed in? Maybe knock off the crunch and just take a step back to see what's working properly and what's not? I know we would have had to wait longer, but the wait would have been worth it to have the game working the way it should, maybe be a little better optimised, perhaps the GPU/CPU/Console market would have evened out some by then and people wouldn't be paying $2500 for $700 parts. That last bit isn't CDP Red's fault, but it's not helping anything. And it's not like the game wasn't going to make any money. On Steam alone CP 2077 has passed the $50,000,000 mark. Across the board there were more than eight million pre-orders. Let's just reiterate something we say here a lot, stop pre-ordering games. We're all guilty of it and we should feel bad, but we should also stop. Anyway, what I'm saying is perhaps the bugs wouldn't be so prevalent if the delays had taken as long as they needed and not exhausted the work staff to such a degree.

In good news: Yoda can go pick up his new 3060ti today after some in store issue that saw the GPU "lost" and unavailable for pickup on the day of it's delivery. I'm sure it couldn't have been a clerk who was also looking for GPU and happened to find that particular 3060ti in the front seat of their car... nahh.

In utter bullshit news: The guys over at Hardware Unboxed have been blacklisted by Nvidia because they weren't paying enough attention to ray tracing on the 3000 series GPU's. Here's a link to the story on HardwareTimes


So what are our choices of games this weekend?

Greywolfe: magic! and earthlock! and earthlock! and magic! more-or-less in that order. i'm about 3/4 of the way through earthlock, and it's starting to put up very silly bosses for me to fight. ie: it's showing it's ps1 roots in a major, major way.

Tru: Oh Shizzzz, Son. It's that time again. What am I going to be playing this weekend? Well first off, Happy Hanukkah my Jewish brothers and sisters and everyone in between. My wife went out and got us Cyberpunk for our PS5... I was on the fence if I wanted it for PC or PS5 but guess the choice was made so I'll be starting that.I might try to get some Warframe in as well as more Star Wars: Squadrons as they added free DLC and I get to play in my favorite Star Wars fighter, the B-Wing!

AJ: Star Wars: Squadrons and Cyberpunk 2077.

Scroo: Keeping on, keeping on in AC Valhalla. It's been great in spite of it's predecessors. As with the others here I'll be in some Squadrons. The campaign was good and with the new free update including the B-Wing and Tie Defender along with custom matches, including the option for private matches, I'm feeling good about finally playing with friends. And yeah some CP 2077 is on the list. I like it even if it's buggy, sue me. Deep Rock Galactic as well, because if I'm playing co-op games it's going to include DRG.


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