Butt Gear Solid

Butt WRUP Solid

Metal Gear Solid is out. Mad Max is out. What a great time to be sick.
I went for MGS and what I got wasn’t exactly what I expected. It’s more Ubisoft than MGS. Splinter Cell meets Far Cry meets Assassin’s Creed, with plenty of silly sprinkled in.
A great game, no question about it, but not story driven and therefore not Metal Gear Solid. Where are my hour long cutscenes? Whats up with all the collectible shit? Hundreds of side missions?

The gameplay is great, the amount of content you get for the money is outstanding for a game like this, you can listen to Kids In America while your horse takes a shit on civilians that got burnt to a crisp, and there is enough Hideo Kojima (non)sense in it for me to love it, but as someone who fucking adored MGS2, I feel this little speck of “disappointment dust” in my eye, and the more I try to rub it out, the more it itches.

But what is everybody else playing this weekend?

  • Andrew (Twitter): Still on my Red Dead kick. Might spare some time for Smash U. May also start another playthrough of Arkham Asylum. It's Labor Day Weekend and I've got no real plans so there will probably be a good amount of gaming.
  • Dante: Hearthstone, TF2 and One Piece Unlimited World Red.
  • Thomas (Twitter): Visiting the parents while still being sick, awesome. So I will probably role play tech support for them, while dreaming of being a super spy called Snake.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): not armello.
  • Tisnight (Twitch): At fan expo trying my luck at the Microsoft booth again, was playing Disney infinite 3.0 yesterday
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): I'll be picking up Mad Max later and will hopefully have some time to get a jump start on a review for it!! Aside from that, some rocket league, Dota, and Hearthstone when I feel like playing against peeps


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    brokedownsystem says:

    MGSV, it’s basically Peace Walker 2…

    I didn’t find that game nearly as engaging as the main console entries (actually, I still have to go back and play the 2nd half).

    I am definitely digging the freedom of movement though. Just wish there was more story to it.

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    Tim Chesson says:

    I’ve had company most of the weekend, but Friday night saw some more Rage action, and Saturday morning I started Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. I expect to finish up this evening with more of both of those.

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