Bunch of WRUP

Well Thursday was the unicorn meteor storm and I spent a long night watching it in the high country around here. That was a good time, quite a light show in the sky. It was kinda perfect. But enough about this.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out and folks seem to be having a decent time with it. I'm interested in it still but I've got a lot of stuff going on and I'm not sure I'll get to play it for a while. I'm glad to know it's looking fairly good though. Shows what can happen if EA just allows to a studio to make a game that they want to make.

Meanwhile in The Outer Worlds my game is still stuck because of load screen crashes every time I try to land anywhere on Terra 2. There was a big patch a couple of days ago for fixing load screen crashes but, it's for a completely different planet. So that didn't help me at all. I've tried landing other places and changing game states, party members, even reinstalling the game all together. No good. All my missions are on Tera 2 and I can't make it through a load screen without being kicked to the desktop. So it appears my play time is done until there's a fix, if there's a fix.

Stadia went gold. And boy oh boy does that seem like a pile of crap. Some people who pre-orderd still can't access the service at all. There are big latency issues. Folks paying for high end service are experiencing a false version of 4k streaming. That being that it's 1440p scaled up to 4k. The library is small, some of the basic services aren't available yet... on and on. Stadia should have been released as a beta and gone from there. I was never going to subscribe to Stadia, but definitely not now. Not to mention Google's propensity for just cancelling a service because reasons.

Anyway, what's the plan this weekend?

Greywolfe: well, last week it was my mom who was in hospital. this week it was all that dumb coppa nonsense. i don't know if i've ever explained this, but typically, when i'm writing a wrup, i'm generally talking about stuff i'm planning to record for youtube. but with the coppa stuff coming to light this week, i actually needed to sit down and evaluate my response to all of that. that and, as ever, with youtube, i just felt drained by something coming out of left field that they were doing that was terribly explained. so, no gaming for me again. i am going to be streaming titan quest, though, because i want to slowly wind my way through that and move onto other games.

Yoda: Prolly gnna squeeze in some more Fallen Order but Warframe just added the Dry dock for upcoming Railjacks !!! Soon my friends and I will be soaring through space in our Giant ass Star Trek ship

AJ: More Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order and Halo 5: Guardians.

Scroo: I really don't have a clue what I'm doing this weekend. I need to get some work done to finish winterizing around here. I've also got to make some money, so there's that. I would assume Borderlands 3 is on the table and I've really been enjoying The Messenger. I'm not sure if I'll pick up something new or not. I need to finish everything I've been procrastinating on -in games and out- before I decide to throw myself into something else. I should also get some footage on the LP channel I guess? Utter chaos I tell you.

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