Back in [WRUP]

There's me at the Gravity Bar on top of the Guinness Storehouse

What's up everyone? It's me, Scrooloose and I'm back. I took a trip to Ireland and it was epic. My sister treated us to this trip as a christmas gift and we had a great time walking around Dublin drinking loads of beer and driving through the country side seeing the history of the place (not at the same time of course). There were museums and parks and castles and ancient monastic cities and everyone we met were the friendliest people you can imagine. And of course the Guinness Storehouse. It was also great to go because my family, like lots of Americans, are Irish by heritage. I highly recommend taking a trip there if you've never been, treat yourself because it's in amazing place to be.

Now, to the reason we have WRUP... games. I've picked up Rage 2 myself since being home and it's okay. I'm working slowly on a first impressions video, been hard to get it recorded and rendered with all that's been happening since being home so be patient with me please. I know it's been ages since we've had any content go up on the Youtubes. Have you guys seen, A Plague Tale: Innocence? What a great looking stealth title that is. I'm hearing nothing but good things and I really want to check it out. Let us know if you've played it yet and what your thoughts are. Same goes for anything you may have played, as always. I also finally got a start on the newest Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods. As usual, Crate seem to have knocked it out of the park with their typically deep lore and a whole new experience with tons of new items and quests and so on.

So what is everyone playing?

Greywolfe: well, i've been trying to reset my sleep schedule, so i've been going slowly with etherlords 2 and beneath a steel sky, but have put in some time on quest for glory 4 and wandersong, which is beautiful and colourful and warm and just a fantastic breath of fresh air in a gaming landscape that seems to be all about being dull and dour. it's worth playing.

Yoda: No Sleep! Only Dota. And Only CSGO. And Only Divinity. But especially Only lots of different Board Games.

AJ: Rage 2. Also, Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

Scroo: I'm back! Probably going to be playing Rage 2, I'm actually working on a first impressions video for it so maybe there will be some new content on the LP channel since DMC 5. Also might be looking at A Plague Tale... really intriguing looking stealth game. Probably more Division 2 as well but not the raid cos blegh.


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