Another Weekend WRUP

Yep, here we are again. Another weekend. Another WRUP.

And of course I'm late in the day with getting it written up. So it seems that more bug fixes have reached The Outer Worlds. Among the bigger fixes is a solution to a rather serious issue that could end up killing your companions just by talking to them in your ship. But, I still can't get a load screen to finish without getting booted to desktop, so I still have to wait to finish my play through.

The game awards took place this week and a few of the crew got together and commented on some of the events there. Well, commented, is a strong term for it...

So what's everyone playing?

Greywolfe: sierra december continues! game two is down. i've just finished ecoquest 2. trying to figure out what to play next and it's all awful all the way down. right now, it's a tossup between police quest 4 and willy beamish and inca 2. some terrible game has to get chosen. also, streaming tonight! but not sure what i'm going to play now that titan quest is done. i'm not consulting my MASSIVE RANDOM LIST because i won't be here from next week for a bit and i don't want to start something we can't immediately get stuck into.

AJ: Let’s see here... No Man’s Sky and SteamWorld Heist, for a start. Also, Batman: Arkham Origins, if I get a chance. Additionally, Frogger just hit the PS4N, so probably some of that as well.

Yoda: So um. Warframe just released Star Citizen. Basically. Emperyan is the latest and of course free expansion to the best Looter Shooter out there. Where you get your own Massive Railjack Crewship and go through new missions in open space, fighting off boarding enemies, putting out fires, closing breaches in your hull, shooting down enemy ships, flying in an Archewing outside your ship and using it to board enemy ships...
So much yelling between team mates while everyone is always trying to do all these things at once lol
Player one on the gunner chair, another in the pilots seat, one outside in space dogfighting ships, and another trying to keep the ship alive and kill enemies on board... OmgIt's insane
It's Soooo much fun and Chaos at the same time.
And it Will be my weekend. 

Scroo: Probably starting New Game Plus in Borderlands 3 while juggling MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries. Hopefully I'll have a video on the LP channel of that. YouTube has changed the way uploads work fairly recently and I'm having a hell of a time keeping uploads from hanging around 10% and going nowhere.

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