Another Late WRUP

Yep, it's me again and I have formed a habit of creating WRUPs late. I just got involved in the day yesterday and never wrote one. No good excuse and I bet you probably don't care much anyway since we have so little content these days anyway. But here we are just the same. Let's see what's going on around here shall we?

It looks like we're still dealing console and GPU shortages around the board. Some of that is to be expected just because of the sheer number of people at home these days, but a lot of it as we happen to know comes from scalpers and their trusty bots siphoning product from retailers at disgusting rates. I'm not going to name the "organization" because I don't want to give them credence, you can find them yourself if you wish, but they've amassed for resale some 3,500 PS5's. Ugh. Making matters worse still are the AIB's for AMD's new GPU's selling at inflated prices themselves. Some 6800XT's are more than $200 higher than MSRP. AMD has stepped in and is giving something like an eight week time period before we see them selling at MSRP or at least much closer. But hey, it's not like we didn't see that coming right? Not that it matters much, GPU's and consoles of all types are all still out of stock everywhere with no end in sight. I guess we who want or need upgrades will just have to be patient. Or settle for something else but I'm not looking to do that, myself. I have to say though, eight weeks seems a long way out just for a slight chance at an AIB card. Maybe things will be normalizing by then anyway, who knows...

What are we playing on our old, shitty GPU's and consoles?

AJ: Holy lack of DRM, Batman! In addition to Horizon: Zero Dawn, all of the Batman Arkham games are new on GOG this week, so I will likely be picking up and playing some (if not all) of those. Perhaps if there’s time, I might also work in some more Halo 5: Guardians and WRC 8.

Yoda: I'm gnna blow up asteroids in Elite Dangerous!!!

Greywolfe: magic: the gathering, because i'm a sad individual. :P - but also, earthlock. that's got a max level of 20 and my characters have just hit level ten, and i'm only twelve hours in, so my guess is, it's not going to be an overly long and drawn out game - which is fine. for rpg's, that should be the norm - with occasional exceptions for very good games that are incredibly immersive [but that sort of thing only comes by once a generation, anyway.]

Scrooloose: Still pillaging in AC Valhalla and mining space minerals in Deep Rock Galactic. Man I want to play SnowRunner but I will fall right in and it will be all I play until I finish. I don't want to juggle them.


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