A Week Late and a WRUP Short

Well, we completely failed to post a WRUP last week. That's our bad but this week we can make up for it. Lots of cool new stuff is happening in games:

NieR: Automata has it's first DLC and it's weird and perhaps even a little disappointing from what I'm reading. Not to mention the prerequisite for even playing it requires you to have reached a certain ending in the base game without resetting all your saves in the final portion.

THQNordic and Gunfire Games have announced Darksiders III, and I couldn't be happier about it. Let's all just hope it doesn't get cancelled before next years release.

Vermintide has released a couple of new maps that take place in a new area as well as putting some tweaks and balances in the game as a whole. I play this one a lot so I picked up the DLC right away. It's inexpensive and I'm sure I'll have fun with it alongside Cody and Twinstiq friend Nikolai.

GoG is having a pretty big sale on Star Wars games and that's always cool.

Prey will be out shortly if you're interested in that sort of thing. Could be pretty cool I think, but I'm the guy who never played the original title so I don't know how it compares.

The Switch is getting a fighting game controller some time this month. That's pretty neato. Nintendo also seems pretty hopeful that the Switch will sell ten million units by the end of the fiscal year. That would mean they actually start making money on the new console and put in on track with the success of the original Wii.

Golop has made their initial goal of $500,000 for the development of Phoenix Point. Golop made the original XCOM titles back in the day and Phoenix Point looks to be a sort of spiritual successor to it. Hopefully Fig doesn't decide to just take that money to pay the rent with or something.

Anyway, sorry we haven't been around with content for a while. We should have some new stuff coming up soon so stay with us. What's everyone up to this weekend?

Tru: Mass Effect: Andromeda, so, much, Mass Effect! Let the haters hate. Freaking love it!

Yoda: Steep baby. Nothing better when it's 99 degrees irl

Scroo: I'm going to be doing some chalk art for the local Butterfly Festival like I do each year. That's always fun. I was hoping to get back up to Yosemite this weekend because all the trails I like to hike are finally opening thanks to the huge snow pack we got this winter. But it looks like the weather may be a bit unpredictable and when you're up above 8,000 feet you don't need unpredictable weather. So I'll probably be hitting up more Vermintide mostly. I'm hoping to pick up the new Styx game soon and also start playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance again for a Re-play Review.

Dr.S. Switch stuff! wooohooo!

Andrew: Bonk's Revenge, baby!

Greywolfe: i'm at world-flower in super mario 3d world, which means i'm basically near the end. i learned - through reading faqs - that the only way to get the last few stamps is to play the game through as EVERY CHARACTER. and jesus, nintendo, that's absurd. please, let's not and say we did. as for the rest: i messed around with reigns for a week and liked it - but it's the kind of thing you can only do in small bursts. i have more quest for glory 3 and more a mind forever voyaging that i need to deal with, too.


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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    I’ve been plugging away at Uncharted 4. I think I’m just over halfway through it and so far it feels like the best game in the series. Once I’m done with the story I’ll give the multiplayer a try. I never got into it much with Uncharted 3, but maybe this will be a bit different.

    I’ve only made a little progress in This is The Police, but I hope to get back to it some over the weekend. It’s a good game to wind down with before bed. And speaking on the PC side of things, I allowed myself to get caught up in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hype. I’ve just played a few matches but it’s fun even at this early stage. When it comes to the Xbox, I’m definitely double dipping so I can play with some friends I have on there.

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