WRUP with no name

Gaming wise, this has been a really good week again, like so many this year. XCOM 2 got a great add-on, the new Rock of Ages is really fun, we got a new Yakuza, Absolver seems to be fun if you can get into it and there is so much more. But life is not just gaming and while 2017 is a great year for the thing we like to talk about here, it certainly isn’t for much else.

Looks like no one here is anywhere close Harvey, so that’s good. Still, my heart goes out to everyone who is affected by it. Imagining what it must be like having to flee your home and being unable to do anything against it… makes me happy to live here in good old Vienna/Austria, where war is more or less unthinkable at this stage and the worst natural disaster is some slight hail. (Actually we had a tornado recently, something quite rare around here, but it wasn’t actually near the city and no one got injured).

Then there is south-asia, where a monsoon has already claimed the lives of 2100 people and is affecting the staggering number of 40 million people, mostly those who’ve already been some of the poorest on this planet, with millions of damaged houses and the destruction of huge swaths of agricultural land.

And of course the North Korea thing that’s going on… oh boy… 2017… maybe we should get back to sacrificing popstars, after all it somewhat worked in 2016.


Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Still trying to get into Final Fantasy 12, but it…is…sooooooo…booooooooriiiiiiing. Seriously, that fighting system is nonsense and all that running around is exhausting, despite it being a video game. Probably also play some Rock of Ages 2 and/or XCOM 2/F1 2017 if my GF lets me access my Steam library (she’s currently binging Portal 2, which makes me really happy 😊 )

Grey: i'm making my way through stories.  much as i anticipated, i love the idea of the game, but am not entirely crazy about it's execution.  i feel like - if you're going to make EXACTLY the same choices on EXACTLY the same route, it should "fast forward" those sections [and not force you to play through them again, because they're sure you're going to pick a different path.] - as for larry 6, well.  the further along i go with that series, the less i like larry in general.  there's just something sleazy about six that sits badly with me.  i've also hauled out another old dos classic:  legend of kyrandia 2, hand of fate.  it has that westwood quality to it that all their adventure games had:  beautiful music, beautiful graphics, sometimes silly, random puzzles.  it's great to be re-experiencing it.  and i've finally [about a month after launch] picked up dream daddy again.  it's had a couple of bugs ironed out and i want to do as many of the paths as i can.

Cody: Well I finally bought XCom2 LTTP as usual :P

I also might play more of the Destiny 2 beta because what a shock that was. And Paragon had some MAJOR changes recently so ima give that another chance. And @trulegendkiller will be happy cuz I'm finally gonna try out Andromeda at some point of the 3 day weekend lol

Scroo: More Prey for me along with Dawn of War III and of course Vermintide. I might also finally nab a copy of Bayonetta.

Tru: The Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, and now that there is new content in Final Fantasy XV (A crossover with Ubisoft for some timed Assassin's Creed event) I will be revisiting that game once again.