I originally wanted to talk about the new Prey here (which is overall pretty good and totally worth playing), or more specific how it’s ending is an absolute failure thanks to it playing it way too save despite having a rather complicated setup, but I guess no one here has finished it so… Go and play Prey (2017)!

You know what else is good? Pyre, the new game from Supergiant Games, the folks behind Bastion and Transistor.

Makes me really look forward to the release of Peyr and Rype.

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Greywolfe: final fantasy 5 four job fiesta:  i have a boat!  let's see how quickly i can sink it!  [i actually know where to go to sink the boat and i'm avoiding that spot like the plague while i go and collect stuff on the world map before moving the story along and getting my final job.]  apart from that?  more child of light and etherlords 2.  i think i'm near the end of the first etherlords 2 campaign, but i'm not sure.  and my very cursory [non-spoilery] tactics documents tell me that i'm 2/3 of the way through child of light [i'm at chapter 7, there's 10 as far as i'm aware.]

Scroo: More of The Surge for me as well as Vermintide as is the norm. I'm still kicking around Galak-Z and I've recently re-awoken my desire for a round or two of Rocket League here and there with friends.

AJ: Ninja Spirit and Air Zonk!

Thomas: Pyre, which is this interesting mix of Visual Novel and a 3 on 3 Ball Sport. And since Fable Fortune made me nostalgic, I’ll probably finally finish Fable Anniversary and start a new game of Fable 2 (which I actually already did yesterday)