2016 WRUP

2016 is almost over… and I need to spend the last 22 hours of this year away from my sexy boyband buddies Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus which makes me really sad :(

Despite that, I still wish you happy new year. Have fun, don't drink and drive and don't make any promises you won't keep.

Anyway, what is everyone else playing over the weekend?

Greywolfe: Last game for sierra december is gold rush!  so much developer screw and randomness!  so much hilariously terrible dialogue and backstory!  yeah.  there are reasons i never finished this one in 1988 ;) - saints row 3:  i'm back on the story.  have a few more missions to go and then i'll be all done.  and then i can write a long, winding review about how iffy the game is :P - i'm not sure what to replace it with.

Cody: Before I start making my list for 4iF I'll be grinding it out in Grim Dawn!! Oh yeah. And Ultimate Spider-Man For GAMECLUB!!

Scroo: Grim Dawn like a mofo and I dunno what else... Maybe nothing because Grim Dawn

Tru: (Probably still crying into his Star Wars pillows)