WRUP Time Again

Well it's the weekend again. Whether you're a nine to fiver or a freelancer, self employed or stuck by, "the man", in a cubicle, most of us can generally agree that the weekend is a saving grace from the slow burn of a work week. Unless you also work weekends. In that case, have a great day at work. Game news has been kinda uninteresting. At least in the circles I pay attention to. Sinking City looks pretty intriguing to me and it's really too bad it's [seemingly] such a mess. Mechanics seem limiting and sort of unnecessarily difficult. It doesn't appear to run very well. Combat seems fidgety. Hopefully the devs will find a way to smooth things out some. Of course I say all this without playing it myself as of yet. I've only seen footage. But I can't really justify spending $60.00 on it in the state it appears to be in now. There's just something to that old Lovecraftian mythos that always draws me in though. The strange and unknown, old gods. The deep ones that slumber for eons and have this terrible potential to wake for some kind of world-ending scenario. The normal, every day, detectives and scholars and unlucky rabble that get roped into figuring out how to stop it all somehow as they sacrifice their own sanity to do so.

Then there's a quick little bit info on Cyberpunk 2077. The simple fact that it will be more than double the install size of The Witcher 3, which with all its DLC sits around 50GB as it is. To me, this is a kind of exciting and not really that surprising. Night City is supposed to be fully interactive. That means it's possible to explore virtually every building and manhole you happen across. And the size of the city itself is supposed to be pretty enormous. So it makes sense that it'll need 100GB+ of space on the local HDD.

Anyway, what's everyone playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: beneath a steel sky is done! so now i'm looking for an adventure game to take it's place. i'm kind of thinking of the order of the thorne: the king's challenge, since that'll be the diametric opposite - hopefully - of being in a dystopian nightmare. as for assassin's creed: origins, that's winding down, too. i've got most of the map uncovered, i've got my bird's perception almost done and my guy is level 38. [of 40] it's a perfectly bland, very serviceable rpg-lite that has WAY too much uninteresting filler, but that's the ubisoft way. finally, i'm moving on etherlords 2 again. if it weren't for the trick decks, i would probably have blown through that game ages ago.

Yoda: Outer Wilds is on Game pass for anyone who wants to check it out. And y'all should it's incredibly good. It may only take place in one Star System but it's everything I wanted No Man's Sky to be. A game actually filled with discovery and wonder, with substantial substance in the places you explore to back it up. With a hefty sprinkle of Journey or Abzu esk story telling on top. So I'll be playing that all weekend.

AJ: Virtua Racing! (Now on the Switch!) Also some Fast Draw Showdown.

Scroo: Might be a busy weekend for me. I have a guy coming to pick up an old VW Vanagon that's been sitting here for like 20 years. Sister is visiting, friends are coming up to visit as well, and I have work at least two locations. But if I have any time at all, I'll be playing Rebel Galaxy because I'm really loving that so far.

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