100% WRUP, from concentrate

Hey Guys!

Sooooo, what’s everyone playing over the weekend?


  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): simon the sorcerer is now underway.  i have...mixed feelings about that game.  most of them are tied to how adult it's going to be.  i remember it being...a little humorous in a pretty british way, but that memory is from twenty+ years ago.  i'm also digging into spellweaver, which is one game i'm trying out to scratch my ccg itch since i'm no longer playing hearthstone.  i love the card art.  it feels a lot like magic, though, so...i dunno?  finally, the king's quests are proceeding apace!  i got a /lot/ done this week after neglecting it for a while, and now i feel like i'm about half way through the game.  i'm past the worst part, too.  so that's good :)
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Gnna be dipping into some more Rocksmith this weekend. As well as play around with Unreal Engine 4 a bit more. I also got into the Closed Beta for Paladins so maybe I'll check that out too.
  • Hamilton: Still dealing with my withdrawl from Overwatch so I might try some more Stellaris or bite the bullet and get Doom
  • Scroo: Well I'm still playing Dark Souls 3 because I can't tear myself away from it. Making more videos and overall just still having fun. I also started Doom and I really like the campaign game play so far. I wanted to record that as well from the beginning as a sort of "see it how I'm seeing it" reaction type thing, but OBS won't capture it, sadly. So I'll probably do a quick written first impression article. Anyway, it's fun, seems a bit slower paced at first but it only tends to be that way in between the hordes of demons.
  • Dante: I think I'll play the Stanley Parable this weekend. Hearthstone dailies too.
  • Andrew: Being that today is Friday the 13th and all I will probably play some Mortal Kombat X (as a certain machete-wielding horror icon). After that, Doom.