Weekly Webcomic Wrapup

The Battlefront Beta is in its final stage and after a somewhat lacking first impression, I did gather a bit of a fondness for it. The shooting is lacking, but the overall atmosphere and the inclusion of Power-Ups did win me over in the end. So it’s no wonder we see the game twice in today’s Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. It’s the same joke, but it still gave me a good chuckle…twice.
That said: Empire is OP.

ReadySoup (Emergency Exit)
ActionTrip (Always Emotion is Battlefront)
CAD (The Force is strong)
Double XP (Trumped Up Promises)
Pillow Talk (Platinum Touch)


  1. Scrooloose
    Scrooloose says:

    So the art’s not real great or anything cos I just whipped it up real fast with some colored pencils, but I made a strip based on an all too common and frustrating scenario in what else but, Rocket League.

    Be gentle I’m sensative.

      • Scrooloose
        Scrooloose says:

        That’s the first I’ve tried since like high school back in the 90’s. I’m definitely interested but I dunno if it would be worth a whole feature just because I’m not sure how often I’d have ideas for new content. But I’d be happy to toss one up every so often if an idea hits me.

        I do need to fill out your contributor form still though, that is if you’re still looking for people.

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