Twin Peeks Episode 4: Cannon Fodder

Episode 4 of Twin Peeks is out, and this time we're taking a look at Cannon Fodder. Developed by Sensible Software, one of the most beloved Amiga developers of the 90's, Cannon Fodder is an action strategy hybrid that has more emotional depth than it's shallow gameplay might suggest. Join us after the cut for more, or just watch the above video.
I had a lot of fun with Cannon Fodder, but as I mentioned the gameplay depth is lacking. Still, as an almost arcade style game it's fun for a while and many people remember it extremely fondly. Sadly this is the DOS version from, which I hear has much worse audio than the Amiga version. If anyone has any thoughts on the game, leave them in the comments below. Make sure to like and subscribe on the video as well, since that helps us bring you more content.
Author: Billy C
Game: Cannon Fodder
Developer: Sensible Software
Source: Purchased from for personal use.