Super Amount of Smash Bros. News

Quite a few updates on this game during the Nintendo Direct.
Mewtwo will join the parade on April 28. He will be free to those of you who already bought and registered both the WiiU and 3DS version of the game (deadline was March 31). Everyone else has to pay $4 for him ($5 if you want him on both versions of the game).

Lucas, the main character of Mother 3, will arrive in June and if you’d rather play with your Mii, April 15 sees the release of a costume pack.
But wait, there is even more after the break.

List of Mii Costumes:

·         Smash Bros. T-Shirt (all types of Mii fighters)
·         Cat Suit and Hat (Brawlers only)
·         Monkey Suit and Hat (Swordfighters only)
·         Link Outfit incl. a cap (Swordfighters only)
·         Majora’s Mask (only Headgear, all types)
·         Dunban Outfit and Wig (Swordfighters only)
·         Mega Man X’s Armor and Helmet (Gunners only)
·         Proto Man Armor and Helmet (Gunners only)

Each costume will cost $0.75 ($1.15 for both systems). Complete bundle is available for $6 ($9.20)

Still not happy? You want to play as Soda Popinski? You now have a way of letting Nintendo know that! Head over to the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, where you can request new fighters.

Oh, and there is an update coming.
Update Ver. 1.0.6 changes:

·         Downloadable Content
·         Tweaked Character Balancing
·         Sharing Functionality on WiiU: Photos, Mii Fighters, Replays, Custom Stages and more.