Moday Ind-WRUP-endence

What a bad title for this WRUP...

Well I was out of town helping Yoda move to his new place. Trulegendkiller was also there for a bit and of course Yoda, with a freshly broken arm and no internet for a few days yet to come. So we couldn't post a WRUP. I don't know anyone else's excuse around here is for not getting one done. Eh, well I'm sorry on behalf of the crew for not living up to expectations.

But, here in the states it's a holiday weekend for lots of folks so maybe it's not too-too late. On the way home today I heard some statistics for fireworks related injury during this time of year. Just over 10,000 people nation wide end up in the hospital with various wounds from unsafe fireworks handling. The number seems low to me actually considering the tendency to consume alcohol while lighting hand held explosives. I agreed with the radio personality who made the comment that Florida alone should be like 50,000...

Have a safe fourth!

What has everyone played this weekend?

Greywolfe: child of light and shovel knight.

Scrooloose: Well I'm going to be out of town this weekend so probably no games for me. Sadly that means we get yet another Game Club delay but we'll make it up. More Vermintide and The Surge though when I get back and of course Galak-Z for Game Club.

Yoda: Gonna play the "Wait Six Weeks till my frail body can Move like a Human is supposed to Again Game"

Trulegendkiller: (You've been playing Steep, I know cause I was there) I'll be playing Galak-Z, and more Persona 5.

Andrew: Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure

He's been playing Road Rash AR (actual reality)

Truelegendkiller: ohhh sick burn brosefeno!

Yoda: -.- I'll start posting Road Rash pics you bastards!! Don't think I wont!!!