Fear and Loathing in Yoshi’s Wooly World

Yoshi gets a new game (which isn’t exactly news) and a new Amiibo (Yeah, we are far from done with those) and both look pretty cool.

Yoshi’s Wooly World expands on the fabric graphic style featured in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, by going full 3D with it. Just like in the adventure of the gay little ball, almost everything in the world is made out of yarn, but the game still manages to achieve a very distinct visual style, thanks to the additional dimension.

Sounds cool, but as Family Guy told us, everything is better with a bag of weed, especially such a colorful and adorable game like this. Nintendo listened to the stoners of the world and so they included “Mellow Mode”. Anytime during play, you are able to switch from good old sober Yoshi to winged Yoshi, which allows you to fly above enemies and get real high, dude.

To get the hidden stoner message really across, they also included another feature. When you buy the new Woolly World Yoshi Amiibo, which is actually made out of yarn(!), you unlock “Double Yoshi”. This somewhat accurate simulation of the paranoid schizophrenia you experience after “playing too much mellow mode”, leads to a second Yoshi following you on every step. Unlike real schizophrenia however, you can actually pick Double Yoshi up and throw him around.

The game and the 3 different color variations of the Amiibo will be available this fall.

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