Fan-Made Mario 64 HD Remake Taken Down by Nintendo

Well, that didn't last long. A fan remake of Mario 64 in the Unity engine, complete with upgraded visuals, has been taken down by Nintendo. Don't be too upset though, read on to see why.
You won't be missing out on the project's evolution, because the truth is that developer Erik Roystan Ross never intended to implement anything past the first level. Even before the take down occurred, his blog read "I currently do not have any plans to develop this any further, as this was created purely for demonstration purposes of the character controller and as a tribute to the original game."

However, some intrepid coders may anonymously continue the project, as its source has been released and was available for anyone to download for a period. For now, you can always try out some HD texture packs for the original game that are floating around on the web.

Source: Neowin