[April Fools] Nolan North to Voice Link in Mobile Zelda Title

One of the first mobile games from the Nintendo and DeNA partnership is a story-focused Zelda game, fleshing out the story of the Wand of Gamelon. Read on for more details!
"While some feel we have shunned the CD-i games, the truth is that we were waiting for the right moment to remake them for a new audience. There were seeds of ideas planted in these games that we weren't able to build upon until the right platform came along." an unnamed source at Nintendo said.

Further research revealed on Nolan North's IMDB page lists him as the voice of Link in an unannounced game. When confronted with these details, a DeNA spokesperson stated that it was indeed true, and a digital novel with high production values was currently under development.

Nolan North commented "Gamers have been waiting since the introduction of disc-based games to hear Link's voice, and I hope I can do the character justice. I have been watching as many Captain N episodes as possible for inspiration. 'Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess!' How does that sound?"

We expect to hear more very soon, perhaps in tonight's Nintendo Direct!