[April Fools] Kojima Moving to Nintendo, Producing Next Nintendogs

Ahead of today's Nintendo Direct, some exciting information has been leaked about Kojima's next project! Read on for more exclusive information!
"If you know me, you know I love dogs. They have been an integral part of the latest Metal Gear Solid because I have such an affinity for the creature. This is why I have chosen to partner with Nintendo and produce the next Nintendogs title." This comes straight from an intercepted email containing the announcement.

What will the famed director bring the project? "The concept of this next game will be complete realism in the behavioral simulation. We have written an engine from the ground up, called the Canine Engine. This has been a pet project of mine for the last 12 years, and while you may catch a glimpse of the technology in the latest Metal Gear, it will be nothing compared to the achievement that will come to fruition in the latest Nintendogs game."

The Canine Engine attempts to model the animal's behavior based on recorded feedback from over 900 dogs at the Asahikawa Medical University for Laboratory Research. "I want the player to feel like they have a live animal in their pocket. If you accidentally bump into someone while walking down the street, the first thing you think of is to check your New 3DS and make sure the animal is ok."
Shigeru Miyamoto, who is closely involved with the project, tells us "Using the advanced facial detection and motion sensors of the New 3DS, the game will be able to register feedback directly from the player. We have actually designed the New 3DS with 'New Nintendogs' in mind."
Also in the works is a program that will create a custom Amiibo from your personal Nintendog, called the Doggiibo. Please stay tuned to the latest Nintendo Direct for more information!