Hello there!

My name is Trisha also known as the fabulous Tisnight, and apparently I'm supposed to introduce myself here. Well let's see, I'm 25 as of right now, and I started gaming when I was a wee little one. I'm German, but I live in Michigan and you can even find me floating around Toronto every now and again since I'll be moving there shortly.

I started gaming when my uncle brought over his NES and tried playing Super Mario Bros. by eating the controller. I wasn't old enough for Atari, but my father made sure I went to arcades later on. I eventually graduated to the PS1, Dreamcast, Gameboy, GBA, and PS2. It wasn't until we got our first computer did my love for video gaming get serious. I played everything I could get my hands on, Warcraft, Diablo, Command and Conquer, World of Warcraft. Eventually I started getting into games seriously, and was even in a really dedicated guild on WoW for many years. I've calmed down on the raiding, and now find myself playing a multitude of genres.

You can find me on steam @ Javert Your Eyes or streaming on Twitch @ Alonelyhawk