The summer wind blew through the open door carrying with it the smell of the ocean. My five year old hands quivered over the paddle. It was simple, a rectangular box with a pair of knobs on either side but I was lost in another world. In my tiny child brain I was busy imagining how the two bars with the bouncing "ball" moving between them were space ships defending their bases. I was engaged in a way I hadn't been ever before that.

While a scene from That 70s Show played out behind me with teenagers flirting and joking and drinking beer I was experiencing a moment that would shape the rest of my life. After that moment it was years before I played video games regularly again but growing up in the age of the rise of the first console generation and the domination of the Arcade I was shaped by those years. My first Dungeons & Dragons experience was on the Intellivision, I learned to program my first game on a Vic 20 with memory expansions the size of my head (and open to the air giving off enough heat to fry an egg), I quested with kings and space janitors and police officers and even conniving tentacles.

From that moment of babysitter getting a kid out of his hair so he could hit on the cute girl next to him a life long love was sparked. Over the years it's changed, that flame has burnt hotter and hotter but smaller and smaller until it became a concentrated core at the heart of my nerdy life. We are all on a unique journey through our loves be they video games or movies or music. I look forward to sharing my thoughts about our shared hobby.

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