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Have you learned the language of WRUP?

Recently the “Are video games and the accompanying coverage too much aimed at the people who are already intimately familiar with the medium and too little towards those that aren’t”-debate started gaining some traction again and I usually wouldn’t dare to take part in a discussion of such importance to the citizens of this brave…
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Law Suit WRUP

Alright so if you're into games and game critics you'll know that a certain Mr. Jim Sterling has been getting hit left and right with law suits that have basically no base. Most recently is a Trademark attack based on a video he made of a title from a Greenlight developer and is just as…
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WRUP: One Thousand And One Posts Edition

Who's your designated WRUP driver this weekend?  It's me. So don't get too drunk [on games] or I might have to throw you out of the car.  :P A couple of things before I write the WRUP. I'd like to thank all of you for showing up and reading our stuff across the last 1,000…
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