Happy ChristmaChauniQwansiWRUPidays

Well, the holiday season is in full swing with merriment and families coming close together to celebrate what ever it is they're celebrating together. I've already been spending time with friends around a bonfire during the solstice party drinking beer and glogg until the late evening. -Eating prime rib and turkey and yule cake and cookies. It's been a good time.

Procrastiating when it comes to shopping is something I and many people do, so it was only today that I got the last of my online orders delivered and thankfully everything is as it should be. With everything going so smoothly it's only a short time until we can bid good riddance to 2017 and move on to a new year.

Guys, we hope you all have a good, fun and safe holiday, whatever your celebration. Whether it be religious or family and friend oriented. Or just a quiet weekend with a 'do not disturb' sign on the door knob while you read a good book and play some games. Speaking of which...

What's everyone playing?

Andrew: Steep

Yoda: Still enjoying swapping between being a Mud Runner and a Space Trader. So hopefully more Elite and Mud to keep that train rollin

Greywolfe: rise of the dragon: i'm a little past half way. having the same stupid problem with the same stupid puzzle as last time around [there's a section where you need to wire tap a phone so you can pick up messages. the wire puzzle that you have to solve is very finicky.]

Scrooloose: Well if I have time for gaming this weekend I'll be surprised. But if I do it'll certainly be more MudRunner and Sniper Elite 4. Winter sales are going on and I'm also intrigued by Elite Dangerous for $7.50, so I might just have to snap it up too. Steep is also on sale but I've seen it less expensive than it's listing this time around so I might wait. Otherwise though I'm not seeing anything I can't live without. I'm strongly considering the DLC for The Surge as well. At least it's Christmas time and I have a wishlist...

Dr. S: We don't know. Hopefully he's having a good time though

Truelegendkiller: Don't know about him either. Hopefully enjoying himself.

Distilled WRUPer

Girlfriend is waiting and I almost forgot to do this, so no time to waste!

Battlefront/EA controversy, Destiny controversy, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out, something something Game Awards, To the Moon 2 got announced, Trump is still president of the USA and Austria will soon join his axis of fascists. Read more

womanly WRUP-Boxes in the black Normandy

Call of Duty WW2 is out now, so that should be it for big releases this year, right? Did I miss something? Oh, the new Battlefront… yeah, who cares. Star Wars, innit? Back to Call of Duty. Remember when certain people were certainly outraged about the fact that you could play as a female or black Nazi? I mean, that’s positively scandalous… Blacks in the German army? Females holding guns? THIS HAS NO PLACE IN A REALISTIC DEPICTION OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR! Read more

Such A Late WRUP

Well, apparently we all have lives or some such and the WRUP got delayed. I've got friends moving away so I was hanging with them. Dr. S. has one of these "girlfriends" I keep hearing about so he was busy. I don't know what Cody was doing but he's got Moviepass now so I bet it had to do with the cinema. Greywolfe might or might not be "gone fishing"...

So I'm here now around 9:30pm rambling about why this WRUP is late. I'm enjoying Wolfenstein 2 quite a bit so far. Except that I can't record it or take screenshots. So if I do write about it I probably won't have much in the way visual aides. The game runs amazing I will say that. Frame rates in the hundreds all the time even on the highest of high settings, of which there are many. Anyway here's what we're playing this weekend. What are you playing?

Greywolfe: i dunno. i _was_ playing a whole bunch of stuff - dream daddy, space quest 5, kyrandia 2 and so on, but right now, my head isn't really in a gaming space, i guess? so i've been terrible and haven't played those at all in a while :P - on the plus side, i can get very distracted by nanowrimo. ;) [write a 50k novel during the month of november.] - if anyone else is doing that, too, good luck :)

Yoda: Dice Masters. Photoshop. Dice Masters. Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator. Linux MultiMedia Studio. And Hopefully a scary time at some point... God damn there's too many things to do lol

Dr. S: stuff on mobile or the switch, because i'm in the middle of nowhere and destiny is out and i want to play destiny not being stuck in the middle of nowhere and life is unfair and WHY NO DESTINY ON THE SWITCH!!!! Oh, right, I won't have internet either, so even Destiny on Switch wouldn't work for me...

Andrew: Probably Costume Quest. I seem to play it right around Halloween every year. Also Resident Evil VII.

Scrooloose: Divinity OS2 is getting close to the end and it's been so good you guys. I'll certainly have to write about it. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus has been really great so far as well. There's intriguing plot that picks up where the last left off and it runs glass smooth. However just like Doom, I can't seem to record any footage. OBS and ReLive don't pick it up. I got ReLive to work the very first time I tried while testing settings but since then all I get is the desktop with game audio. OBS just locks up like it did with Doom. But hey, no hard system locks at least.


WRUP Destiny

Well Destiny 2 is out. Yoda streamed some of the beta pretty recently and it looks like it's much better than it's preceding title. Of course there's microtransaction controversy which is a plague for full priced AAA titles that's not likely to go away any time soon. I don't have it, not sure I will have it but if you're playing it let us know how it is. If you're not playing that then what are you playing?

Dr. S: won't be around this weekend, so probably some Mario & Rabbids on the Switch

Greywolfe: exploring all the stories of stories. plus, some more dream daddy - starting out on the first couple of routes from my list. larry 6 is...going. it's larry and it's terrible and i wish my eyes didn't bleed every time i played it. and, finally, more kyrandia 2. the plot twist is slowly arriving. :)

Andrew: China Warrior! (And also those games I said I was going to play last weekend but never got a chance to.)

Scrooloose: Well I finished Dawn of War III and I'm still working in Prey slowly. I also installed and started Bayonetta and I can imagine I'll enjoy it's ridiculousness quite a lot. Platinum sure knows how to make an action game.

Yoda: Gonna clock in some Rocksmith and see if I can get through a round of XCom2 without people dying lol I've also been really liking Paragon, and I may have to do a write up on it soon

Eight Ounce WRUP

So it's bad guy against bad guy in the most anticipated fight in a long, long time tonight. In the past weeks tons of controversy has been stirred up from McGregor's pinstripe suit and alleged racist remarks to Mayweather's domestic violence charges, to the Nevada Sate Athletic Comisson making a special allowance for the fighters to use 8oz gloves instead of the regulation 10oz for the weight class. Regardless of how anyone feels about these guys one thing is for sure, they're both the best of the best in their respective fields. So I figure as long as the bout isn't over in a single round this will be a hell of a fight and one that I'm very much hoping to see for myself.

But hey, aside from maybe spending $100 on a televised cross-discipline boxing match what's everyone playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: all new stuff! larry 6! [urgh] stories! [interesting!] kyrandia 2! [i'm pretty nervous about starting this up.] and dream daddy! [it's had about a month and they've ironed out one or two problems, so i want to go back in and try for as many runs as i think i can stand, getting different endings.]

Yoda: Gonna be picking up Xcom2 but I prolly be able to,play until next weekend due to the sheer amount of Busy I will be at ChicoCon

Andrew: Back to GOG - still reacquainting myself with some neglected classics. (And maybe playing some Sonic Mania on the side.)

Scroo: After finishing Hellblade, I've started Prey and it has sort of sucked me into it's twist filled story. I've yet to see any of the additions to No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises aside from graphical improvements to lighting and texture maps. I'm hoping to see more soon, maybe even start a new game in creative mode or something to see what's to be had. Other than that it'll just be the usual Vermintide runs and whatever else I can fit in. I might pick up Dawn of War 3 since Steam gave me a 50% off coupon... who knows?


Wildfire WRUP

Well here I am again writing a WRUP and since I'm super close to this Detwiler Fire here in CA, that I'm sure people are hearing about on the news etc I figured I make that the subject. Below is a link to the current burn area. It'll take you away from this site but it's worth seeing. Something like twice the size of San Fransisco or nearly 80 square miles. Which is huge but when compared to the Rim Fire in 2013 which was something like 400 square miles it's easy to think that things could be much worse.

Luckily for us around the town of Mariposa the evacuation orders have been lifted as of yesterday the 21st so folks can get back to work and their homes that they've had to leave behind for the last four or five days. Now they've got to deal with things like a fridge full of spoiled food and dead or dying plants and perhaps missing animals in the form of livestock and household pets. And worse like those fifty plus in the immediate area who've lost their homes entirely.

I live about 12 miles outside of town and wasn't evacuated thankfully but the lines were withing just a couple of miles from my home and the road I live on was on notice for a couple of days. We're not out of the woods yet as this thing keeps growing and I'm seeing numbers like 75,000 acres and 25% overall containment (as of the time of this writing) but out here it's just slowed down and isn't moving very quickly. That doesn't mean if the wind picks up it won't charge up the ridge again and frankly that's still pretty scary. To those in the surrounding areas of Coulterville, Greely Hill and Cathey's Valley who are still not allowed to go home and may not even know if they have one any more, I feel you and we all here Twinstiq and our friends wish you the best.

And to settle the word that national news seems to be putting out there and people are misuderstanding, no the fire is not in Yosemite. It's about 30 miles from there actually, just lots of smoke there in the valley. The reports are just using Yosemite as a point of recognition for those who've never heard of our area here. In fact Yosemite actually burns fairly regularly and it's national park so it's usually just allowed to do so with no interference aside from structure protection. It's just nature being nature in those cases normally, lightning strikes and the like.

On a lighter note This is a WRUP so what are you playing this weekend anyway?

Greywolfe: more final fantasy v: four job fiesta. my game got a little held up there while i ground out time magic, but that's all done. heading toward the third crystal. apart from that? more child of light. i've hit a weird wall where i have to kill these spiders, but the damage output is a bit...crazy. so i'm possibly going to have to level up a little? i'm not sure. although, that game doesn't /really/ work like that, exactly. also, more etherlords 2. finishing up the green people's campaign before giving it a short break. and FINALLY, dream daddy is with us. beat it once. it's pretty neat. i'm SO glad someone's attempting to make a game with non-stereotypical characters. it's completely refreshing to see. some good stuff, there. :)

Scrooloose: Well I got power back at about 8:30'ish Wednesday night after being without for about 30 hours from this effing crazy Detwiler Fire out here. Three entire towns have been evacuated now so lots of people have it much worse than I have and I hope everyone's okay. I haven't been evacuated myself but it's come pretty close. Haven't had much sleep for a couple of days but now that the power is back it's a good sign that our danger level has decreased significantly. Anyway hopefully I'll be playing games again this weekend in between helping friends get back to normal and if so, more of The Surge and Vermintide as well as continuing with Galak-Z. Hopefully by the time this WRUP is posted the news will be better.

Andrew: Still more Breath of the Wild. I finally figured out that I could use one of the amiibos I already owned to get a traditional Link outfit. Now it feels like a proper Zelda game.

Yoda: Well I hit that skill wall in DMC. Might lower the difficulty and go back,later but for now I'm enjoying the turn based nature of Wasteland 2 :)

Thomas (Who is a bit late to the party, but thats fine, because Scroo does a better job anyway!): After an exhausting 2 weeks, I spent all of yesterday in Prey and loved it. I was originally a bit worried, thinking it might be a bit too spooky for my taste, but it basically is Bioshock. Tense, atmospheric, but not focused on scaring you. Might also play some Splatoon 2, since that's out.