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Games that suck, except for that one part…

We've all played them. We've all fallen victim to the hype monster. I'm talking about those games we've seen ads for and been drawn to only to purchase them and find out that they utterly blow. Except for that one redeeming quality, the one thing that despite the rest of this steaming, quivering, vomitous mass makes it good enough to play anyway.

For me one title that sticks out in my mind is the truly disappointing, badly voiced, super repetitive, poorly optimized, not scary in the least, Dead Island. dead_island_by_colombian305-d3eqb4z When I saw ads for this game I thought it would be the paramount of zombie titles. It looked like an emotional, and terrifying scene. But what I got were the emotions that took place after the face to palm actions I took while playing this game.

The one good thing I thought it did though was the crafting system. You could make a weapon out of almost anything and recipes were all over. That made it fun enough to play... for a while anyway. I uninstalled that load of garbage less than ten hours later.

What are some titles you can think of that made you throw up in your mouth a little, yet still managed to hold your attention because of that one thing it did right?


[Image credits: colombian305, DeviantArt, quickmeme.com]