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Opinion: Xbox One Elite Controller

I must preface this by saying that I have not tried using this controller and this is purely my opinion.

This is the month of October and during this month Microsoft is releasing a high end pro gaming peripheral in the form of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

Xbox Elite_1You'll get a high quality Wireless Xbox One controller redesigned with customizable metal thumb sticks, a faceted cover for the D-pad for increased accuracy, smoother action buttons and triggers, along with extra buttons in the form of paddles that connect under the controller. You'll also get a rubberized grip that provides extra comfort and staying power for intense battles combating sweaty hands. The Elite Controller will come with a hard case for storage, batteries and a bunch of interchangeable components along with a braided USB to mini USB cable for a wired connection to your PC. Available for Xbox and Widows 10 will also be an app that allows for configuration remapping for the Elite controller.

Xbox Elite_2So you'll get a lot with your package, and that's awesome. The Elite Controller promises to be highly customizable, very high quality product for those who are really serious about their gaming. Which is great because that's the demographic here, serious gamers. For everything you get, which is admittedly a lot, you'll have to shell out $149.99.....!! I'll say it again even though this is written and you can just read it, the Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller will cost you one hundred and fifty dollars, exclamation point!

I won't be purchasing one of these. That cost point by itself is a deal breaker for me and I game a lot. Like, a lot. I use an Xbox One controller for my PC and I love it. It's really accurate, it's very smooth, very comfortable, so far very durable and in my opinion it's worth the money. Now I don't have a rubberized grip or extra paddle buttons or three sets of metal interchangeable thumb sticks. This would be super cool, I admit that 100%. But I don't deem those things worth nearly three times the cost of the standard controller. No, not even with the redesigned internal architecture that allows such a level of reconfiguration. With everything the Elite Controller comes with I could see spending maybe $80, that would be my ceiling.

interchangeablesNow, I haven't tried using the Elite Controller. I'm just a guy who like most, doesn't get demo access to new products. This thing could be incredible. But incredible or not that's a lot of money to throw down on a controller. Not to mention I can't find any information on the app that will be available for configurations, I can't even say if that's free or not. Microsoft's video showcasing the controller and app doesn't mention if it's free or if it costs, but I do notice the wording "app available..." on their site so I'm not holding my breath for free. I also can't find any information about the app via Google or any forum conversations. Someone out there must know....right?

Competition gamers may find the price tag acceptable, and that's ok because that's the target demographic here; but I'm sticking to laughable myself. Think about buying an Xbox One. That's $300 by itself. Now buy two Elite Controllers, there's another $300. Want a full set or four? Well, the math is pretty simple. When will we as gamers stop paying all this extra money for what usually equates to a few extra features that we probably won't even use. Look, I get that a lot of work went in to making this controller a reality, and you'll get a lot in the package should you make the purchase. And I get that the whole thing is very high quality, this is wonderful. But it's too much money! Of course nobody has to buy one of these right? No one is forcing them on us. Yet I still have to say, Microsoft, at least buy us dinner first.

[all image credits: Microsoft]