Motorsport WRUP

Tragedy has struck America. Leonard Cohen is dead. What do you mean with “He was Canadian?” Was he? Well, guess everything is fine then in the US.

Anyway, we at Twinstiq talk about videogames and I can’t think of any connection between him and those right now, so how about a very short review of Motorsport Manager?

After years of waiting, we’ve finally gotten a new racing manager that isn’t completely shit. Yay! Gearheads shouldn’t be too excited though, because while Motorsport Manager isn’t shit, it still has a ton of issues. The primary gameplay loop involves a lot of waiting and progress is slow, but without much of a challenge: Save up some money, do a race, upgrade your stuff, do a race. The AI tends to fuck up every now and then, handing you the win. Other times you miss that there is a safety car coming out (especially in longer races, you will inevitably zone out at some point and the game doesn’t do the greatest of jobs telling you what’s going on), therefore screwing up your pit-stop strategy and throwing the race. Oh, and developing next years car and signing manufacturers is an absolutely boring checklist. No negotiations, engine stats to compare, different types of contracts,.. You just chose how much you are willing to spend and in return you get better fuel economy. Yay.

It’s not all bad though. Especially when it comes to smaller details the game really shines. Driver stats are deep enough to be interesting, but without being overwhelming and the impact drivers have on the result feels just fine. Every now and then you get to vote on next years regulations, like refueling being allowed during a race, or every team having to use the same rear wing. Also, you’re not stuck to one team for your whole career and you can start in a slightly lower racing league (think GP2) and work way to the top.

So yeah, if you love your management games and are extremely hungry for one set in the racing genre, you could do a lot worse. Just keep in mind that most of the managing you do is at the well polished and only slightly bug-infested racetracks.


Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Depends on my plans for the weekend. But no idea really.

Greywolfe: the longest journey.  beneath a steel sky.  the longest journey.  some other game since i'm done with baldur's gate:  dark alliance.  the longest journey.  maybe i should look through my gog library and play something that appeals to me on the spur of the moment.  the longest journey.  like, i'm thinking of possibly giving "odaulls, the dark call" a go.  the longest journey.   are you spotting a trend?  the longest journey.

Scroo: Beneath a Steel Sky for Game Club. I also picked up Shadow Warrior 2 and that's been fun. Thinking of replaying Crysis soon-ish as well. And of course whatever we roll next for Game Club.

Cody: Gonna check out some Battlerite of the servers come back up this weekend.