Kaiju-A-Gogo Review

We review the indie game Kaiju-A-Gogo by Kerberos Productions Inc. In the game you play a mad scientist who builds a giant monster to take over the world, but what do we think of it? Continue past the break for the video review and transcript, and then make sure you hit the comments and let us know what you think!

I'm Billy C, reviewing Kaiju-A-Gogo for Twinstiq.com. The best way to describe Kaiju-A-Gogo is Sim City, but you play the monster that is destroying it. Technically you play the mad scientist who builds the Kaiju and unleashes it upon an unsuspecting world, but mostly you’ll be controlling your giant monster.

To start out though you’ll send your Kaiju out to one of dozens of cities around the world, each with a tier ranking the difficulty that you’ll encounter if you attack it. When you do attack a city, which is where most of your time will be spent, you’ll be confronted with a unique grouping of buildings and foliage for each city. Attack a spot in Africa and you’ll see mostly sand and small buildings, but attack New York and you’ll be forced to smash your way through skyscrapers and docks. Different types of buildings will drop different resources when they are destroyed and you’ll need to learn which buildings harbor the resources you need if you hope to be as efficient as possible.

But it’s not as simple as your Kaiju destroying buildings, you’ll be confronted with various enemy units from foot soldiers to bomber planes and laser tanks. While most enemies won’t put up much of a fight for your monster, several of them can start to chip away at it’s health quite quickly. In addition, eventually you’ll encounter tougher and tougher enemies that will take you down without much trouble. As such you need to train your Kaiju, giving him new passive abilities and active defenses and attacks that he can call on not only to destroy enemy units, but also to help you demolish the city you are attacking. Your monster will also increase in size as you pump him full of abilities. At the start of the game it might take you a swipe or two to destroy a home, but by the end you can walk over them without pausing at all.

Cities burn with satisfying infernos, spreading through foliage and buildings alike and you’ll reap the rewards as they do. That’s if you make it to the city, as once you’ve done enough damage the governments of the world will start sending out military patrols to intercept your Kaiju. Luckily, you can either run from the patrol (if you make it), or you can destroy it outright removing it from the map entirely.

The end goal of the game is to conquer the majority of the world. To take over a city you must destroy it until the local population has a moral of under 40%, at which point there is a chance for them to surrender to your mad rule. This means you can no longer attack the city for resources, but you’ll get their net income every month for the rest of the game.

You start with an island lair that you use different resources to build up, adding power plants, research stations, training lairs and more. Certain buildings will produce specific resources, but it will also consume a certain amount of resources each month. You’re goal will be to balance the production and consumption, while sending your Kaiju out to replenish resources as needed. Eventually you’ll want to build up some base defenses as well since later in the game your lair can be discovered and attacked, and if you aren’t prepared long before this happens you’ll soon find that you’ve lost the game. Or that you’ve destroyed all of the land based enemies before having your Kaiju killed by ships, and then stuck in a never ending cycle where the enemies can’t destroy your buildings and you have no Kaiju to attack the enemies.

That brings us to some of the games problems, and it does have a fair few. Firstly I want to talk about something subjective, but it really turned me off at first. The look of the games resources. I know that seems like a little thing to nitpick, but they look like an iOS money grabber game. When you destroy buildings they pop out and look completely out of place with the landscape, easily recognizable sure, but out of place none the less.Combine that with the mechanic where buildings, training and healing all take a certain amount of time (which you can fast forward in the PC version as of writing), it just feels like it’s one of those iPad games trying to steal your money with time sinks and resources. Especially the purpletonium as it isn’t used for much throughout most of the game, is extremely rare, and could easily be the “real money currency”. All that said, the game is not like that on Steam. The resources are plentiful if you go looking for them, the purpletonium is rare but isn’t used for much, and and time can be sped up or slowed down. Mechanically it’s fine, but it just FEELS bad to me. Maybe I’ve been burned too many times before.

On to more concrete problems. Tutorials seem to appear out of nowhere, telling you things that would have been useful five hours ago but are useless now. Tutorials also seem to repopulate so you’ll be the same one everytime you start-up the game. In addition there are supposed to be 3 Kaiju in the game to pick from, but only 1 has been released as of this review. Enemies can get stuck on buildings, and they will do so all the time, making destroying cities much easier than it really should be. Boats can sail through land and infantry can walk on water, and the aforementioned base attacks can cause no end scenarios if you’re unlucky. You also can’t access the menu while on an attack map, so you can’t even exit the game gracefully or save if you are in the middle of a city or base attack. I even experienced a crash to desktop once and though it hasn’t happened since, it’s made me paranoid about the game crashing during a big city attack.

It can also be a pain to navigate with your Kaiju. Trying to get him to walk between buildings to attack a tank can result in him uselessly attacking nearby buildings while he’s blasted with laser fire. There are also some icons on the side of the attack screen that tell you your passive bonuses such as speed, defense, etc, but they never seemed useful. You can tell if you’ve got your boosters on as every step sets the ground on fire and you move faster. You can tell if you have a defense bonus active as you’ll see it visibly on your Kaiju. Not to mention they are never explained to you and I had to ask on the forums to discover what they are for.

Another small issue with the game is that it is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes it will change the speed time passes back to normal after an event, and sometimes it won’t. Also if your Kaiju is returning with loot but you are looking at your base when he arrives, you won’t actually get that loot. You’ll have to go back to the world map to receive it.

Overall I had a lot of fun with the game and Kerberos Productions is constantly patching it and adding in new buildings and features. I’m giving Kaiju-A-Gogo 3 ½ Stars, potentially changing to a 4 star review if they continue patching and release the other two monsters down the road! What Kerberos Productions have created may be a bit buggy and undercooked, but it’s still amazingly fun. I can’t believe Maxis gave us Sim Copter and not Kaiju-A-Gogo!

Reviewer: Billy C
Game: Kaiju-A-Gogo
Developer: Kerberos Productions Inc.
Source: Purchased for personal use and review.