Podcast, the second.

Yes it's true ladies and gentlemen, the second episode of the Twinstiq podcast is live! It's a different group of people this time including me, the amazingly talented Greywolf, and the ever enjoyable John Rausch! Join us as we have a mostly coherent talk about what we're playing, what's on our minds, what video games…
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No More Battlefield Heroes

I hope you had your fill of Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, FIFA World and Need for Speed World, because EA announced their shutdown today. If you want to get back into them though, you have until July 14. To be fair, most of those games are already quite old by now and EA closing multiplayer…
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Bill Paxton to Play Infamous Lawyer in GTA Film

Before he was disbarred as a result of his antagonistic techniques, Jack Thompson was very active against explicit violence and sexuality in video games. Manhunt, Mortal Kombat, Bully, and Grand Theft Auto were among the games he opposed in court. Referring to games as "murder simulators," he quickly built a reputation among the industry's fans…
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