Rumor: Bethesda’s E3 Panel Schedule

We have already had confirmation that Bethesda is going to host their first ever conference at E3 on June 14th. The one thing we haven't entirely heard about yet is what they will talk about. Until now...

With recent rumors about Fallout 4 and Pete Hines keeping tight lipped about it all, it's time to begin the old E3 tradition of what will be there, and what won't.

Take a look after the break for a Mini-Bethesda scorecard.

Battlecry is highly likely to appear at E3. This is a game which has already been announced, however the release date has not been set. We may hear more about it in just over four weeks time.

DOOM is also a likely contender to appear at the conference. Although it has been officially announced, not much is known about that game - other than if you pre-ordered Wolfenstein The New Order, you'll be able to play the Beta.

Dishonored II should hopefully appear, although there is nothing but rumor surrounding this title so far - Nothing has actually been confirmed.

The Elder Scrolls Online is likely to make an appearance but only to provide extra content. It is likely that it will not be the main focus of the conference.

Skyrim: Remastered Edition is a possibility, and although nothing has been confirmed, it's still a contender. The original rumor of this also implied a Morrowind remaster. However, out of the two, Skyrim is more likely.

A new IP could show up to the party, but given Bethesda's current resources, it isn't going to be their top priority.

Finally, after an abundance of rumors, Fallout 4 has been rumored to be the final item on the agenda for the conference. Although we are only likely to see the CG trailer, it will certainly get some people in the mood for some post-apocalyptic killing.

What we won't see

Okay, so here are some things we won't see, so don't even bother getting your hopes up. Some items on this list are just plain stupid, but have been thrown out there on the internet:

Elder Scrolls VI
Skyrim 2
Fallout 1 & 2 Remake
The Evil Within II
Rage 2

Disagree? Speak up below.

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