Project CARS Will Feature Extensive Graphics Options on Consoles

Console users have been offered very few chances to change minute settings in the way that PC games have featured in order to achieve optimal performance, but this is mostly due to the game being designed for a specific set of hardware.
Games like Tekken 4 and Quake 64 have given players the option to switch anti-aliasing on and off, BioShock Infinite allowed vsync to be disabled, and inFamous Second Son has an optional frame rate cap. These examples go beyond the typical practice of providing a single standard for dedicated gaming hardware.

Console games are fine tuned to deliver a consistent experience. While concessions are sometimes made compared to the PC version, often they are replaced with alternate techniques that are optimal for the target platform, and the overall experience reflects the developer's intent.

It's unclear whether these options will affect the game's performance, and in my opinion, hopefully that isn't the case. The reason I bought a console was to have a plug and play experience, not having to worry about any tweaking to have a good experience. While I welcome the ability to personalize the visuals, I hope it doesn't open the door for games that won't have an assured level of quality, relying on the user to decide what compromises they are willing to make.

How do you feel about this, do you see any other pros and cons arising if this becomes a trend?

Source: Eurogamer