Nintendo Direct Micro Megapost, incl. aprox. 4726544 screenshots

Nintendo listened to me and gave us another Nintendo Direct. I love those. This time, it’s a small one. How small? Micro. AHAHA…
I…I’m sorry, no idea what’s up with me today. Anyway, if you want to watch it, it’s embedded above. Rather want to read about it? Then continue.

First off, we have a new Chibi Robo for the 3DS, release sometime in October.

The game is a 2.5D platformer and the game mechanics revolve around the name giving Zip Lash, which you can use to swing, shoot and grab stuff. This wouldn’t be a Nintendo game however, if there wasn’t some Amiibo functionality shoved in. This time: God Mode. By pairing the Chibi Robo Amiibo (which actually looks pretty cool and will be sold out about 4 seconds after launch), you will be able to run faster, shooter further and unlock some in-game items.

Dr. Mario Miracle Cure for the 3DS, release on June 11th

It’s Dr. Mario (and Luigi). NEEEXT!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS, sometime during winter

Only comes with 720 Pokemon out of the box. No word yet on the possibility of a 1080p...okemon patch. You will play as one of 20 different Pokemon, as opposed to a Pokemon trainer. Haven't played a previous one, so no idea how that exactly works.

Mario & Sonic are doing the Olympics again, on both 3DS and WiiU

Since the next stop on the immensely expensive and completely uninteresting Olympic Games is Rio, this game will take place in… yeah, I kinda written myself into a corner there.
WiiU and 3DS will feature some different sports, so you will find for example Rugby exclusively on the WiiU and Golf exclusively on the 3DS.

Splatoon is getting the Zapper

It’s a rapid fire weapon, which isn’t powerful, but offers lots of ink capacity and quickly charges up the echo locator special. Want more? How about a new map! Both are available starting today, 7pm pacific and are free. Ranked battles are also finally available.

Art Academy Home Studio for the WiiU

A new updated version of Art Academy is coming to the eShop on June 25th, featuring new lessons, the ability to upload time lapse videos of your paintings to YouTube, 360° landscapes, and even more new lessons.

Other Stuff

The above trailer for Project Treasure.
There is an LBX 3DS game that looks pretty cool.
Bravely Default sequel Bravely Second is coming to the west.

Puh, that’s it.