Nier Automata Is On Sale This Week – And More

So I keep coming back with these blurbs on cool stuff that's on sale when Valve does it's Midweek Madness business on the ol' Steam. Prices are good until this coming Friday.

Here comes the list:

  • Arma III is 66% off at $13.59
  • Train Fever is 85% off at a mere $2.99
  • Splinter Cell: BlackList shows up and 70% off and $8.99
  • Prototype is 75% less lettuce at an affordable and fair $4.99
  • Fernbus: Coach Simulator is 25% off and $26.24
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect is 75% off at $7.50
  • Dark Light is 15% down on wallet axing and priced at $25.49
  • Late Shift shows up and negotiates a 30% price drop for $9.09
  • NieR: Automata has sliced off 35% of its cost at $38.99
  • Vanquish slides 25% down at $14.99

Full disclosure: Of the titles on that list I've only played NieR, but I highly recommend it. Murdered: Soul Suspect is probably NOT something you should buy on Steam as the money you spend doesn't go to a developer any more since Airtight Games shut up the shop back in 2014. Can't speak to anything else up there except to say that I picked up Vanquish because I seem to remember thinking it would be cool back in the Xbox 360 days of yore. If it happens to be worth writing about I'll post something later.

Check out the sale for yourselves here Or you know, just open up your Steam account.


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