Overwatch Closed Beta Starts Again- Februray 9th

Well the title says it all, the Overwatch closed beta is coming back on the 9th. Balance changes have been made to characters and AI bots, there are a couple of new maps and even a new game mode.

I have to say that as guy who's not really a fan of games like this any more, this one looks fun. And if you also think it it looks fun you can click this link that will take you to a Battle.net post containing more information and a sign up link at the bottom.


[feature image and info sourced from Blizzard]


    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      Yeah true enough, but I still maintain that I’d rather wait for a clean release that’s been as fully tested and tweaked as it can be before buying an incomplete title.

      Blizz is pretty notorious for push-backs however, Diablo 3 anyone?

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