New PlayStation Store Releases: Test Your Might

"Get over here!" Mortal Kombat X has arrived! It's hard to believe that this is already the 10th iteration. I still remember playing parts one and two in the arcade, way back in '93 or '94. Now I feel old. We've already posted what everybody else is saying about the game. Keep checking back here and we may just have a review of our own up at some point. No promises though.

Also new this week, Teslagrad (in the US anyways), Titan Souls, a twinstiq, I mean twin-stick shooter, and a PS2 Classic for good measure. Now, "Finish Him!" ...and then head past the break to see the full list of new releases.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

  • Gradius V (PS2 Classic) (Sony Computer Entertainment America, 466 MB, $9.99)
[Image: Warner Bros]

Andrew J Amideo