New Nintendo eShop Releases: Separation Anxiety

This week's set of eShop games marks the release of the first (and to date, only) New Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. While the New 3DS isn't the first instance of Nintendo choosing to introduce a 1.5 upgrade version to an existing hardware line (see the Nintendo DSi), Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be the first Nintendo published retail release that is exclusive to an upgraded system. There weren't any for the DSi.

There are sure to be fans clamoring for the game. Likewise, there are certainly Nintendo fans who are excited about the new upgrades and features that the New 3DS offers. But personally, I have to question Nintendo's wisdom in regard to separating their userbase with this release. I can't imagine that sales of this game will be that high. Far fewer people own the New 3DS than the original and XL models. Moreover, the very existence of the New 3DS and its own exclusive game(s) can only lead to further market confusion and animosity from uninformed consumers.

It just seems ill-advised to have made this game an exclusive when they could have just as easily made it playable on all 3DS systems. After all, Nintendo has already released 3DS games that took advantage of the New 3DS features but were still universally playable. But the decision is made, the die is cast, and now I suppose only time (and sales) will tell. In any case, Xenoblade Chronicles is but one of several new games this week. Joining last week's initial Wii U Nintendo DS Virtual Console release is WarioWare: Touched! and Yoshi Touch & Go. Head past the break to be reunited with the complete list of new releases.

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Andrew J Amideo
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