New Nintendo eShop Releases: Ocarina of Time!

Aww, yeah! Ocarina of Time is now available on the Wii U! (Via the Nintendo 64 Virtual Console.) I may already own it on GameCube and 3DS, but now I can finally play it the way God intended...on Nintendo 64! (Virtually, that is.) Whatever, close enough. I can't wait to finish this post so I can go get to downloading!Also new this week, another Samurai Warriors game for the 3DS (yawn), an intriguing multiplayer platform game where you start at the end and have to backtrack to the beginning, and an interesting looking Japanese strategy RPG. Dust off your virtual cartridge, fire up your virtual console, then jump past the break to see this list of new releases.

Wii U


[Image: Nintendo]

Andrew J Amideo
[Source: Business Wire]