New Nintendo eShop Releases: Holy MOTHER!

At long last, Mother 1, or "EarthBound Beginnings" (as the localized version was apparently retitled), has been released outside of Japan! Twenty years after giving us the Super Nintendo sequel, Nintendo has seen fit to grant the numerous requests from fans by finally letting us have the NES original (by means of the Wii U Virtual Console). Between this game, the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and the Shenmue III Kickstarter, I'm starting to worry that the end times may be upon us. Better go download this quick and start playing before the seas begin to boil!But wait, there's more! As if one awesome VC release wasn't enough, act now and you can also get Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, absolutely *free! (*After paying a one-time purchasing and handling charge of $7.99.) Unfortunately, that's about all there is this week. But what a week it's been! Wait 20 years for your pleas to be heard, then jump past the break to see this list of new releases.

Wii U

[Image: Nintendo]

Andrew J Amideo
[Source: Business Wire]