Microtransactions in MGS5 confirmed. #FucKonami

You’ve probably already heard it, but just to make sure: Watch out before you buy Metal Gear Solid 5, unless you’re really cool with microtransactions in full price games.

Konami is being Konami, to no ones surprise, and somewhat gated the Dark Souls like invasion mode behind a sorta-kinda premium currency. Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, Senior Producer at Konami, did mention in a tweet that you can earn so called MB Coins via singleplayer, but since those features aren’t yet completely unlocked for reviewers, we can’t say how this will affect the final experience for the consumer.
What exactly is this invasion thing?
It’s called Forward Operating Base (FOB) and, from what I understand, lets you build smaller bases in the world (or the ocean to be precise), not to be confused with your Mother Base. In fact, the reason why you would want a FOB is so you can gather some resources for expanding Mother Base. Oh, and multiplayer. You will be notified when your base gets attacked and can join the defense. If you are offline, one of your friends may jump in. The Giantbomb forum has a thread on what else you can expect from it.
The overlying concept sounds very much like The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, a F2P Uplay title in which you build a dungeon, staff it with minions and watch as other human players die in it. Unless they don’t, in which case you watch them robbing and pillaging your fortress. Anyway, FOB does pretty much the same, but to actually invade someone else’s base, you need to fork out some of the previously mentioned MB Coins. No info yet on premium units you can only buy with MB Coins.
And keep in mind: this has nothing to do with Metal Gear Online, the actual multiplayer game that is set to be released in October.

Granted, Konami might not be the first one to do this. Remember Dead Space 3? Forza 5? Any of the football games (FIFA, not Madden you American barbarian!). Hell, even Assassins Creed jumped on the microtransactions thing. It isn’t even the worst inclusion of microtransactions in a $60 game, but still… #FucKonami