Microsoft Now Dictating CPU Support

In its ever persistent push toward trying to force its consumers in to a Windows 10 "upgrade" Microsoft has now decided that they will not add updates for previous versions of Windows to allow support for next-generation CPUs. Their reason for that decision is that it's just too much work.

This means that PC users that run Windows 7 or 8.1 will need to upgrade to be able to use the newest processors from AMD or Intel. Next-gen CPUs like Intel's Kaby Lake, and AMD's Bristol Ridge or others like Qualcomm's newest mobile processor will be shut out of anything south of Windows 10. No other operating system will be supported.

Even some of the current generation CPUs will lose their support. Intel's Skylake for instance. Microsoft will guarantee support for its business consumers until July of 2017. Then it's Windows 10 or you're out of luck. Thankfully though, loss of CPU support doesn't mean that the latest security and OS updates won't continue. But after that 18 month period that Microsoft is allowing, those updates will only be the most critical ones needed.

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