GOG Summer Sale! Free Games! RPG Mechanics! Bye, Wallet!

It's that time of year again:  GOG are doing their summer sale.  In the first day alone there were a couple of fairly interesting premieres for the site, including a Homeworld bundle, some new D+D games and a host of other bundles for your perusal.

The way this sale works is a little different from the other sales like it that have run on the site.  There are some free games in the pile, but you're going to have to do a little work to get them.  What this means is that you're going to have to remember to Log In once a day every day.  If you log in, you get 100XP.

XP can be gained in various other ways as well and - once you've picked off an activity from the list, it ends up giving you a badge.  Some of these activities range from simply showing up on the website every day to sharing the sale through social media.  There's even a community event that will be held on Twitch, where GOG denizens will complete tasks to earn XP for the whole site.

Because every item that goes on sale will stick around, it makes the most sense to get the free XP and wait until the Twitch event is over [seeing how much XP you garner] before worrying about buying any games.  This way, you might - reasonably - unlock at least Spelunky and get some of the way to the Gabriel Knight remaster.

One last absolutely free game you can get without much work at all is System Shock 2, which can be had simply by visiting the XP progress page from within the Gog Galaxy Client, so if you've never played that particular game and have been curious, now's a good time to snag it.  [This particular offer only lasts for forty eight hours and started ticking down once the sale started.]

Let us know in the comments what you bought from the sale!  [or are intending to buy.]

Happy consumerism, everyone :)

GOG Home page [for the deals.]

GOG Sale Announcement [for the details.]