E3 2015: Nintendo Direct

Way too tired,
AAAH, it’s starting already. I missed the first 10 seconds. Nooooo! And they are muppets! Love it already. My body isn’t ready yet, but give me a second and some coffee. And now they turn into Star Fox characters. I really love those Nintendo Directs.

Ok, Star Fox is also the first game we see. Looks ok, I guess?

Reggie now. And he just told us: No NX until 2016. Why even announce it then? What the hell Nintendo? Are you kidding me? You want to show your immediate future? Let me guess, you talk for Amiibos now for 30 minutes. Screw you! Oh, no he talks about Mario Maker. Yeah, we’ve seen that already. Nothi AMIIBOS! I KNEW IT!


Zelda Triforce Heroes? Never been a Zelda fan. Sue me.

Oh, Hyrule Warriors. That’s how you get me to play Zelda, but I already posted the trailer some days ago.

Some more puppets, Trisha in the team internal chat distracting me, and some Metroid? The game we’ve seen in the Nintendo World Championships…..ooooooooohhhhh Fire Emblem Fate. This looks really cool. Wait a second. Is that… wow, that’s the best cell-shading I’ve ever seen.

What the hell is this now? Hatsune Miku style music and… looks a bit like Persona. No idea what that was. The symbol reminded me a bit of persona. Need to watch that whole thing again when awake.

Ohhh, Xenoblade now. Only started playing the first one when it came to the 3DS and love it so far. Did get bogged down with the sidequests though.

Animal Crossing. Never played it, was thinking about getting it for the 3DS. It’s the card Amiibo one. NEEXT!

A WiiU Animal Crossing party game? And the Amiibos -.- I’m out again. Amiibo Festival my ass. Until I get all 3 Splatoon Amiibos, you lost me with that shit.

Yoshi’s Woolly World. Ok, that Amiibo is cute. NO! No more Amiibos until I get the Splatoon one! Ok, maybe a woolly Yoshi….
Game still looks cute. I would totally play it, would it not be for my backlog.

Oh, that supposed Pokemon Killer. Yo-Kai Watch. Heard it’s a big hit in Japan.

Paper Mario meets 3D Mario? Looks pretty cool. Not much like traditional Mario games, but cool. Mario & Luigi – Paper Jam. K. Have to keep an eye on that.

Mario Tennis for the WiiU. Loved the Mario Tennis RPG thing on the Gameboy, this seems to be a straight up arcade Tennis. Meh.

Mario Maker now. The levels we’ve seen in the World Championship looked really cool, but I don’t trust community made levels. And Amiibo support. And a 8bit Mario Amiibo. Looks cool, but it’s another Amiibo that isn’t Splatoon.

Reggie talking transformation again. Looks like that’s the end of this Direct. Need to watch the first half of it again, since my brain was still asleep. Not a big show, certainly not up there with Sony or Microsoft, but Nintendo is kinda doing their own thing anyway.

Anyway, Square Enix is up next. So I have to hurry.