Twinstiq – 28 Days Later (incl. Giveaway!)

Only one month of Twinstiq? Yep, but what a busy month:

We collected writers from Around the World in 28 days.
We saw 28 Shades of Twinstiq.
Provided by the 12 Monkeys on the team right now.
Some of them even Angry Men.
Right now I bite myself in the ass for not starting it 2 days later, since this would have allowed me to sneak in a Friday the 13th reference, but I feel like this is already borderline self-indulgent anyway.

We achieved much in this month and there is still much more yet to come, but despite the intro, this is not supposed to be the celebration of a banner, but the people who meet under it: You, you, yes, you too and even you.


Without you, we wouldn’t find news and reviews here.
Without you, we wouldn’t hear the perspective of an older gamer.
Without you, we wouldn’t feel as connected in our unwillingness to grow out of gaming.
Without you, we wouldn’t know what an aspiring Game Developer is excited about.
And because of that and more: Without you, this project would be dead already.

Even though we are still young and small, our community is already dedicated and strong.
Of course we are still nowhere near Joystiq, but in some aspects, we are already beating heavyweights like
How crazy is that?!
As a little sign of appreciation, I decided to ask the editors for their favorite comments so far and if one of them is from you, Congratulations! You just won a little game.
More of these giveaways will follow in the future and even though I’m not yet sure about the format, I can guarantee you that they won’t include any BS “we might share your personal details with a 3rd party” clause and that they will always reward those, that are strong pillars of this site.

So if your comment is listed below, make sure to write a mail incl. your Disqus name to competition(at)

Thank you for sticking with us and let’s make it to 28 Weeks next!

-Dr. Strangethumb/Thomas Ortsik
(who would also like to send a very special “Thank You!” to everyone from the old Joystiq crew, especially those that visited us. You are all amazing!)

And the Top Comments are from (with the editor who nominated the comment in brackets):

  • Acidicpack78 (Whylekat) for thanking the Twinstiq crew for their awesome work in the WRUP: Avengers Assemble! (again: borderline cheating :D )