hire can do it


Twinstiq is hiring again!
…at least if your definition of hiring is eerily close to slavery.

No, we don’t pay you. No, we don’t respect basic human rights. No, working for Twinstiq won’t even give you some sort of meaningful exposure.

Still interested? No? This means you have some self-worth, I can respect that.
I respect that so much that I make you an offer nobody else ever gets: You get a pee break every 4 hours. Deal? Good! Sign your soul away by clicking here.
Oh, and make sure to tell us what you can actually do. Writing would be a good start; video work is also welcome and if you already have some experience, make sure to attach examples of your previous work.

What are you still doing here? Did you not figure out how the above link works? That's really not the best first impression you can make, but fine. Send a mail to: contact at twinstiq com