GAME CLUB PLAYS: Ultimate Spider-Man

Welcome to Twinstiq's Game club, where we each nominate a game and then - as a team - play the game to completion, talking about it in a little weekly podcast on a Sunday.

This week, we are playing the 2005 game Ultimate Spider-Man.

Now thankfully one of us already had a copy of the physical game we could all share around the office... because as you can see in the above Amazon link you can't exactly buy new copies of the game anymore (not anywhere) and the used copies are in high demand.

While the game may be over a decade old, it uses the same Web-Swinging mechanic from the Spider-man 2 game. And we have yet to see it done better since. I doubt even the new Spider-Man PS4 game will come close.

Clearly based on the Ultimate verse created by Brian Micheal Bendis before he went bat-shit insane, the game immerses you in said universe and gives you all of New York to explore as a cell-shaded Spidey.

I would love to pass our office copy around to all of you but sadly we cannot. If you know someone with a console and copy and wish to play with us though I can not recommend this charming gem enough.

If you want to interact with us on Steam, you can find the Game Club Curation Page here.

And the actual Twinstiq Game Club Group page here.


We will be discussion the game on Google Hangouts on December 18th at 12:00pm PST, if joining said discussion interests you please DM @Yoda0VGs on Twitter or email me.