Four in February 2016

February is right next door and you know what that means: Twinstiq has its first Birthday! WOOHOOO. This also means that it’s been a year without Joystiq already. BOOOOH!

Oh, and it’s time for #4iF! YAAAAAAY!

If you’re new to this, or just never did one before, the rules are fairly easy: Finish 4 games in the Month of February. You don’t have to start from scratch, you don’t have to 100% them, they can be 20 minute long games or 250 hours long (though that might prove to be a logistical problem).

So, who’s joining us? And what will you play? I personally am still not 100% sure. I would love to add The Witness to my list, but I fear that screams “INSTANT-FAILURE”. Dropsy and Neo Tomb Raider 2 are guaranteed however.

Big thanks to Mike Suszek, who not only started this whole thing, but also allowed us to use his official 4iF banner. If you are on Facebook, make sure to join his official 4iF group.