Cinco de Mayo

Dante’s #5dM

For this Cinco de Mayo challenge I'm trying to beat these 5 games:


I've spent many hours playing Splatoon's multiplayer matches, but I had barely scratched its single player campaign. This May is the month I'll beat the crap out of those octopuses.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

This game was given away as a PS+ freebie this month. I don't have any other racing games for my PS4 so it'll be a nice change of pace to my gaming routine. I'm going to go for the 6 championship gold cups available in the base game.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

I played through the main story mode for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 back in April. However, there are plenty of characters to be unlocked in the Dream Log mode, which seems to take longer to complete than the main log. I'll consider it complete when I have unlocked all characters, including Shanks. Speaking of Shanks...


I bought this game a long time ago as a part of a Humble Bundle. It always seemed interesting to me, but my lack of PC controller made me hesitate. It's been in the backlog for years, and it's time I give this one a go. I'll find time later to play Shank 2 which I also own... Darn bundles...

The Stanley Parable

I'm taking The Stanley Parable for this Cinco de Mayo just as I took Gone Home for the 4 in February. It's supposed to be short and it's well regarded by the critics so I hope I enjoy it as much as Gone Home.