Top 2016 Games I wish I Played

Well it's the beginning of the new year so as far as I’m concerned it's still fine to make lists about 2016! And as I mentioned in my best games of the year list, I didn’t get to play as many games that came out as I would have liked too. So today I’ve decided to list the Top 5 games that I wish I got to play in 2016.

Number 5: DOOM

This one’s only so low because I do have plenty of great shooters to choose from on the PC platform. But I’ve heard so many incredible things about this game’s campaign that I would love to play through it. Anything to get the taste of that Multiplayer Beta out of my mouth.

Number 4: Civilization VI

Man has this one been getting some big hype. I really enjoyed my time with Civ 5 and the amount of praise Firaxis has been getting from this one has made me wish I had more time on my hands. Expanding how cities are built and finally getting rid of Workers just seem like a great idea that I can not wait to try.

Number 3: Dark Souls 3

Yeah I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t grabbed by Dark Souls 2 the way I was with the first game or the previous Demon’s Souls. But it sounds like this sequel has a much better hook on its players than the last one. And I can’t wait till I find this one on sale in order to dive back into the intricate combat patterns of this franchise.

Number 2: Offworld Trading Company

There aren’t that many games that do this with genre games any more. Take a classic genre, focus solely on one core system in that genre, and make the best game you can about just that system. OTC does this with the economic systems of turn based strategy games, and I couldn’t be more bummed about missing it. Of course a game about economics and number crunching isn’t going to spark the interest of everyone on Steam, but it certainly caught my eye when it showed up on the store and has been on my wish list ever since.

Number 1: XCOM 2

It’s no secret that my favorite game of 2012 was Enemy Unknown, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I regret having to skip on this game the most. It is definitely a game I’m going to need a lot of spare time to spend with and I just haven't had the chance. I look forward to the completely new premise , units, enemies, and that custom weapons system.  Only thing I'm not 100% down for is the procedurally generated levels. But I've been told it was actually done very well. One day, I’ll sit down, put on my headphones, and build what I’m sure will be some incredible stories. Watch out Chrysalids. I’m coming back for you fuckers.

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