Steam Sale Aftermath: 140

Going through my Steam library to choose what to play next, I decided to go alphabetically. 140 was the first game of the list and I'm glad it was. These are my first impressions:
140 is a minimalistic platformer. You play as a shape-shifting geometrical figure. You're a square when you stay still, a circle when you move and a triangle when you jump. There's no story, just beautiful sights and amazing music. I think words are not enough to describe the feel of the game so here's its trailer for you to get an idea of how it sounds and looks.
Music plays an important part of the game since you'll have to time your jumps and movement to the rhythm of the soundtrack pretty often. There's a total of 3 levels in the game, each ending in a "boss fight". I must say the final boss was tough as nails and I'm sure luck had something to do with my victory. Maybe I was just in the zone.Is the game worth a try?Yes, it is. The game is very short. I went through its three levels in less than 70 minutes. However, those 70 minutes were a fantastic experience. The game currently retails for $5, but it's been on sale on several occasions. How much are you willing to pay for one hour of joy is up to you.